Wow… I had made a trip to one of my internet friend’s blog, and boy can she write. Actually I’ve visited before, but this is the first time I’ve visited her new place.
Now I know her through a book forum we both frequent (she until recently, that is). I’ve seen her post many times, and have participated in banter and the usual chichat of forum life. But her blog is written in a manner like I’ve never seen her write before. It’s like she’s a different person altogether – the writing crisper and more personal, and none of that forum shorthand that I’m so used to seeing.
It got me thinking – could I ever write something like what she’s doing on my own blog? I know the focus of this blog – keep the personal bits to a minimum; I’m not into the whole online diary thing. I talk about what I’m thinking, and what I feel, what I learned, what interests me. But even if I wanted to, could I write the way Jane writes on her blog?
Probably not – we’re talking major soul searching here. Discussions that about the state of being, and of mind. Could I even talk at that level?