It seems like Yahoo! and MSN Messengers are going to talk to each other after all! I remember there was a time when AOL (or was it MSN) kept changing their protocols when MSN (or was it AOL) integrated it’s IM network with them. I thought we’d never see a unified protocol, because frankly, multiple IM clients are stupid. I know about clients like Trillian, and have even tried them, but they seem to be built on a sandy foundation – MSN, Yahoo, AOL or whatever these multi-protocol clients support – these protocols can change at any time and the support to them will break. Also, you don’t get the cool stuff like IMvironments and avatars and stuff if you use a generic client. So a unified IM network is good.
Anyway, here’s a link on the report on Yahoo and MSN – read it here.
And before I forget, I think Yahoo messenger is the best messenger in the world.