I’ve always said (and expected) that having Internet with you constantly on all the time is a good thing. This is what’s happening with me now.
I’ve finally sunk in the money to get a Nokia 6320i after years of holding out on a new handphone because I wanted to wait for a PocketPC/handphone hybrid running Windows Mobile 2005 Phone Edition. That hasn’t come fast enough for me, and how that I’ve shifted to techno-nowhereville, I found that a month of no internet at home is a little stifling than I had imagined.
So enter the Nokia, that among other stuff has the one thing I’m eyeing for – it’s Bluetooth and EDGE capabilities.
I can connect to the net via my phone to my laptop, and the reception in Putra Heights isn’t half bad at all. So no internet at home – solved.
But I was talking about mobile internet. As I lug around with me my trusty iPAQ 4150, I can connect to the internet at any time I want, wherever I am. The process now is clunky – too many steps in my opinion to get online, but then I’m a major nag. Nothing is simple enough for me, even though I can be considered . But the service is fabulous. So I’m finding getting my email and browsing the internet and IMming wherever I am a lot of fun.