Artsy-Fartsy Hotel

Wow. This has surely got to be the most interesting hotel I’ve ever been anywhere around the world. I’m currently staying in The Gallery Hotel, Singapore while I’m here working for about week, and boy was I surprised.
My colleague told me it was a ’boutique hotel’, whatever that means, I thought. Landing here has given new meaning to artsy-fartsy hoteling.
I’ll post pictures next.
Yes, I’m impressed.

London Blast

You’re probably reading about the blast that rocked London today in its Underground subway system. I’m now sitting in front of my TV listening to the reports on CNN on this. Interestingly, this happened a day after London has been selected to host 2012 Olympics, but according to early reports, it has been claimed by a to date unknown terrorist group.
There’s nothing I can say that the reports wouldn’t have already mentioned, but my thoughts and condolences to those who are affected, and special thoughts to my pals residing in London.

Nothing is harder than taking the first step

There is a reason why people say that the bloody first step is the hardest, and that when you’ve started, half the battle is won, blah-blah-blah-blah.
You want to make the change and improve your situation, the only thing for you to do is to start the ball rolling. Nothing’s gonna happen when you sit and mull over lost opportunities, or what would be or could be.
Finish that damn thing and send it out.