I’ve been listening to Library of Congress’s Lectures on Digital Future Series 3, presented by a physicist Juan Pablo Paz. He describes the quantum computer, and it’s interesting, directly relating to the field of computing by outlining the difference in principles.
Anyway, he mentioned something that I thought was quite strange – a member of the audience asked him if someone needs to have a PhD to program a quantum computer. He said that 10 years ago that’d be a yes, but now it’d be a no, and that a classic programmer would be able to program as well as a quantum computer programmer.
What struck me was – Now we’re ‘classic’ programmers? 🙂 I’m archaic! 🙂
Yeah, yeah, before anyone who reads this (yeah, the 2 of you) thinks otherwise, I wanna say I know what he means, of course. Quantum computing is a completely new way of looking at processing. No longer linear. It simply is a new way of thinking where the current way of sequencing logical operations is not applicable in the same sense anymore. And since this is a newer way of development, in the quantum computing environment, it’s apt to call the current practice ‘classic’.