Classic Programmer?

I’ve been listening to Library of Congress’s Lectures on Digital Future Series 3, presented by a physicist Juan Pablo Paz. He describes the quantum computer, and it’s interesting, directly relating to the field of computing by outlining the difference in principles.
Anyway, he mentioned something that I thought was quite strange – a member of the audience asked him if someone needs to have a PhD to program a quantum computer. He said that 10 years ago that’d be a yes, but now it’d be a no, and that a classic programmer would be able to program as well as a quantum computer programmer.
What struck me was – Now we’re ‘classic’ programmers? 🙂 I’m archaic! 🙂
Yeah, yeah, before anyone who reads this (yeah, the 2 of you) thinks otherwise, I wanna say I know what he means, of course. Quantum computing is a completely new way of looking at processing. No longer linear. It simply is a new way of thinking where the current way of sequencing logical operations is not applicable in the same sense anymore. And since this is a newer way of development, in the quantum computing environment, it’s apt to call the current practice ‘classic’.

otak downloads (cont)

Did I forget to mention that Simtel and Winsite are only 2 of the download sites that I know are distributing otak? There are other places I know that actually offer the downloads as well.
Some are linked to the Simtel network, although hosted elsewhere (i.e Chicago Sun Times) and I’m not sure if the counter gets incremented when downloaded from sites like these.
Then there are other sites that hosts otak on their own. I remember stumbling on them before, but not sure if they are actually still around.
I’m pretty sure there are places I don’t even know hosting the file.
After all this rubbish, my point is – there could be well over 4000 downloads of otak.
As you can see, I’m trying my hardest to be modest.

otak downloads thus far…

I don’t know why, but I just did a check on the total number of downloads for otak thus far, since it was released close to 2 years ago.
Winsite has about 700, and Simtel has recorded about 3300, so the grand total is about 4000 downloads.
I recognize that if it wasn’t freeware, there wouldn’t be this many downloads. And I can’t honestly say I’m not tempted to turn this into shareware.
I suppose I’m torn – fulfilling a ‘payment’ of sorts for my dependence on freeware in my own computing universe, or making a little money for myself.
On one hand, I’m contributing a software to the world, something that is used all around the world. On the other, it is my blood sweat and tears.
Hmm… I will explore this further later.


Where could we discuss politics here? I for one would be very interested to join a political forum for things concerning us, for things we care about.
The US has a political system that compared to us is a world of difference. Their presidential candidates debate in television on issues that matter to their people, and we see how each party intends to tackle the said issues. I think this is good – the sort of transparency that allows the people to decide for themselves with information clearly available on both sides.
Now I understand we don’t have a 2 party political system here. What that means where freedom to discuss politics here is concerned, I don’t know.
Where could I go to to talk about what matters to me? And how do I know if I’m being heard, and what guarantees do I have
If there is such a forum, I’d like to hear about it.

What the…?

I wouldn’t have believed it. On any other day I would have cheered for the winning team, proudly displaying our logo as it is. I would have feared for our consistency if we were facing another team, but this… this is just totally unexpected. I mean, come on.
MU’s loss to Norwich early this morning is worse than the loss to Man City 2 years ago that sparked a revival. I don’t know what’s gonna happen to them now that they’ve dug themselves into this huge hole.
But I hope it’ll be ugly.